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Ready to Earn Big? Partner with Iwoscan's Affiliate Program!

Iwoscan is a high-tech production monitoring solution supplier for manufacturers. If you're eager to join our vibrant community, share your passion for Iwoscan products, and earn while you do it, the path to joining is right here.

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Why partner with Iwoscan?

Iwoscan, a dynamic startup, is the epitome of innovation, driven by an unwavering mission to revolutionise the very essence of manufacturing operations. Our odyssey is ignited by a fervent dedication to efficiency, unwavering precision, and a relentless pursuit of progress. Enter Iwoscan, our brainchild, meticulously engineered to be your intelligent partner in supercharging the effectiveness of your manufacturing endeavours

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No upfront costs or hidden fees

Experience the freedom of Iwoscan's affiliate program, where joining is absolutely free. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees to worry about. Simply sign up, and you can immediately begin reaping the rewards of this hassle-free opportunity.

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Generous Payout

As an Iwoscan Affiliate, you'll enjoy a percentage of each sale made through your link. We even have a tiered payout system, offering different rewards based on your affiliate type.

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Sustainability - our top priority!

We're committed to sustainability, efficient resource management, increased production yield, a motivated workforce, and boosting profits while minimising resource use. Our product is poised to substantially impact the manufacturing industry as an innovative, cost-effective solution that steers manufacturing processes toward a sustainable future.

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Embrace the Power of Change!

Guess what? We won't drain your IT resources! Iwoscan brings you the magic of data analysis, visualisation, and pristine RAW data – all without burdening your IT team. Let them focus on more significant victories.

The process of becoming Iwoscan partner

Iwoscan isn't just another gadget; it's a game-changer. Our hardware device revolutionises manufacturing by boosting efficiency, enabling smarter decisions, maximising output, minimising resource consumption, and motivating teams to excel. It's not a magic fix but an indispensable tool that empowers manufacturing teams with invaluable insights to monitor machinery, teams, and the entire production process, seamlessly connecting management, production, and machinery in one holistic approach.

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    Begin your journey by signing up for our affiliate program. After submitting your application, our team will review it. You'll receive a welcome email and unique affiliate link if you meet the criteria.

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    The most successful affiliates effortlessly integrate their unique links into their online content. Whether through engaging blog posts, compelling product reviews, or captivating detecting videos, sharing your enthusiasm is the key.

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    With every customer purchase made through your affiliate link, you're in for a rewarding experience. You'll receive a percentage of the sale and the best part? We handle all the intricate details; your job is to spread the word about Iwoscan.

Connect to explore Iwoscan for your company

Imagine a reality where efficiency is second nature, productivity soars, and bottlenecks vanish. We're about to unveil solutions that will make your workplace a hub of unparalleled excellence.

Let's make your vision a reality!

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What does it take to excel with Iwoscan?

To excel with Iwoscan requires dedication, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to harnessing data-driven insights for manufacturing excellence.

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Extensive Knowledge

You possess a deep understanding of Iwoscan, including its core principles, application in manufacturing, and how it can drive digital transformation and continuous improvement for our clients.

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Proven Experience

Your track record includes tangible successes in optimising production processes at the shop floor level, and you're well-versed in the key challenges manufacturers face.

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Robust Network

You're a respected expert in your field, with a well-established network that allows you to identify potential clients and understand the strategic reasons for launching pilot projects.

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Unwavering Commitment

You're fully committed to collaborating closely with us, working hand-in-hand, to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership with Iwoscan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Iwoscan Affiliate Program?

The Iwoscan Affiliate Program allows individuals, businesses, and influencers to partner with Iwoscan and earn commissions by promoting our cutting-edge manufacturing efficiency hardware devices and related products.

How do I join the Iwoscan Affiliate Program?

Joining our affiliate program is easy. Simply visit our Affiliate Signup page, complete the registration process, and you'll get access to your unique affiliate dashboard.

Is there a cost to join the Iwoscan Affiliate Program?

No, it's completely free to join the Iwoscan Affiliate Program. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees.

Who can become an Iwoscan affiliate?

Anyone passionate about manufacturing efficiency and wanting to earn commissions can become an Iwoscan affiliate. Whether you're an individual, a business, or an influencer, you're welcome to join if you can reach potential customers interested in our products.

How does the Iwoscan Affiliate Program work?

Once approved as an affiliate, you'll receive access to your affiliate dashboard, which provides unique tracking links and marketing materials. You promote Iwoscan using these resources, and when someone purchases through your link, you earn a commission.

What kind of commissions can I earn as an affiliate?

Commissions vary depending on the product and the sales generated through your affiliate link. Our commission structure is designed to reward our affiliates generously for their efforts.

How and when do I receive my affiliate commissions?

You'll receive your earned commissions through your preferred payment method, which you can set up in your affiliate dashboard. Commissions are typically paid monthly, but we offer fast-track payments for high-performing affiliates.

What marketing resources are available to affiliates?

Iwoscan provides affiliates with various marketing resources, including banners, product images, email templates, and more. You can find these in your affiliate dashboard.

Can I track my affiliate performance and earnings?

Yes, your affiliate dashboard provides real-time tracking of your performance, including clicks, conversions, and earnings. You'll have full transparency into how your campaigns are performing.

How can I get help or support as an affiliate?

We're here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need assistance, our affiliate support team is available via email and live chat to provide guidance and help you succeed.

Can I promote Iwoscan internationally?

Yes, you can promote Iwoscan products internationally. Our affiliate program is open to affiliates from around the world.

What are the key benefits of joining the Iwoscan Affiliate Program?

Joining our program allows you to earn commissions, promote a high-quality product, access marketing materials, and become part of a community dedicated to manufacturing efficiency and innovation.

How do I get started as an Iwoscan affiliate today?

To get started, visit our Affiliate Signup page, complete the registration process, and promote Iwoscan to earn commissions.

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